Journey to my Spirit Animal




Here’s my journey ~

It’s dark as I begin this journey into the forest. There is no light around me other than what I can see at my feet..the ground. Just pure dirt and rocks.  As I begin walking down this dark path, light floods all around me.  I feel as though I am stepping out of this darkness and into pure light, joy and happiness.  This forest is beautiful.  The ground covered in green soft moss, everywhere. It feels so good on my bare’s comfy and supportive.  I feel safe and comfortable. I’m surrounded by so many birch trees right around me, and farther up the trail are these ginormous thick tall massive trees. These trees are strong and their roots just come right up above the ground off the trail.

The path is lined with ferns and other thick green bushes.  I suddenly hear a little rustle in the bush just as I started to pay attention to them.  I don’t feel threatened by this noise, I am more curious and eager to know what it was. I take another step, and a thick bushy reddish-orange tail with a white tip pops up out of the bush.  I take another step…then this beautiful majestic fox hops out. We lock eyes. We don’t speak to one another, but look into each others eyes. Then off we go, continuing down the mossy trail.  This fox is playful, hopping and running from side to side. I begin to do the same things…I am hopping, galloping and running along, having so much fun and feeling so free.

As we are getting deeper into the forest, I get a sense we’re not alone. I look up in the trees and there it is…a white owl starting at me.  I lock eyes with this mysterious wise soul for what felt like a minute, as we both looked away, the owl came swooping down right in front of the fox and I, and flew off into the forest.

The fox and I continue along still playing around and end up at this beautiful field. It is covered with tall grass and orange and yellow flowers. They are everywhere. I am galloping and hopping through these beautiful wildflowers with the fox. Playing and having so much fun just being within the flowers.

Suddenly, it is time to head back to the trail head. The fox and I are just walking side by side. In silence. I can’t help my smile and look all around me, taking in all the beautiful surroundings. We get all the way to where the moss is ending and the darkness is beginning. I look back at the fox, she smiles at me, I smile back. She hops right into the bush she came from. I walk back into the darkness.

This time, I felt okay being back in the dark. I know where I am,
and I trust where I am going.


– from the wildflower within

This journey was guided through an animal totem meditation by Melissa Pressmar.  She is a yoga teacher, Reiki master, aromatherapist and many other wonderful things. So thankful to have been a part of such a magical experience.

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