Why am  I constantly trying to find acceptance from everyone else around me? To be honest, that’s not the kind of acceptance I am yearning for.

Self acceptance is the most important acceptance you can seek. It all begins from within.  If you can’t accept yourself for who you are, it’ll be harder for you to grow and for others to accept you.

Love yourself

Believe in yourself

Respect yourself

I am trying so hard to fix myself, that I am neglecting to accept who I am.  I am realizing right now in this present moment I have so much greatness from within, I can’t worry so much of my outside appearance and let that get in the way of my life.

What I can accept is the fact that I don’t love myself, believe in myself or respect myself the way I believe I should.  I accept that I say harsh things to myself when I look in the mirror. I can accept these negative things.

But also, in this present moment, I can begin to act upon it.

I have created a 30 day self love challenge for myself. I want to take care of me- treat myself better, do things I enjoy doing, eat foods that give me positive energy and make me feel good, be told when to meditate, or take a bath, etc.

  • I have also created this challenge to share with others. I will be posting it here on Sunday morning, March 26th and it will begin on Monday, March 27th. I will be sharing more details about it on the follow up blog. Thanks for reading my thoughts on this topic.


-from the wildflower within

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